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Welcome to EnglishLiteratureInHindi ! This site will post articles related to topics of the subject, English Literature, in Hindi language. The purpose behind posting such articles is to make the wonderland of English literature accessible to the Hindi speaking population of my country, India; and, also to an extent, to the English speaking ones; because, very often, ideas and opinions, fairly alien to one’s native soil; tend to become more lucid, clear and comprehensible, when they are explained in their own native language.

I hope, through our understanding of the diverse literary topics, that we are going to engage with, here; “We the People of India,” will be able to appreciate and enjoy this wonderful journey of bridging gaps of all kind; between different human thoughts, cultures and civilisations. 

Literature is not just an academic subject for us; it’s an unbroken and never ending story of our lives —with our own share of fairies and demons in it — in a written form. So, I invite and welcome you, to become a part of this great human family; to listen to, the oldest, longest, and never ending story of our collective imagination — Literature!

Thank You.

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